Welcome in the Heart of Munich

What is «Bellevue di Monaco» ?

The Bellevue di Monaco is a residential and cultural centre for refugees and other Munich citizens in the heart of the city, located at the corner of Müllerstrasse and Corneliusstrasse.

It runs and maintains three buildings, one for cultural and educational activities and two providing housing for almost 50 refugees. In one building, young adults share apartments in groups of four, accompanied into an independent life by social services. The second building offers eight apartments for refugee families and single mothers with children.

The Café «Bellevue di Monaco» is our gateway to the city. It is organized and run together with immigrants and refugees, our menu reflects the vast number of countries and culinary influences that our guests and the café team contribute to the Munich gastro scene. Our Cafe is a place where people from different backgrounds can casually meet and get to know each other, it is a meeting place for the residents of Bellevue as well as for our neighbors and people from surrounding offices on their lunch break. We offer free tea and water, our menu is based on a «social price range» (costumers pay according to their financial means) providing easy access for guests with lower or no income.

To help and support refugees with their start in Munich, we established a broad program of German language courses, social gatherings and consultation hours for different topics (general migration issues, immigration law, employment issues). We offer sports courses (running and boxing) and a sewing studio, intensive homework support (both for students in school and for adults in language courses), a bike repair shop and lots more. All our programs are mostly executed by volunteers.

We also offer a diverse culture program ranging from panel discussion on topics of migration and diversity to films from and about the home countries of our guests, to theater plays and concerts presenting artists from all over the world.


Last but not least, we help to improve the job situation for immigrants and create jobs. Our initiative «Lass mas halt arbeiten» brought the countless legal obstacles into the spotlight which refugees have to face on their way to work permits and which keep them away from the German job market. We brought together an alliance of ca 130 Bavarian companies and employers in desperate need of personnel who supported our claim.

We also created jobs for refugees in our Cafe and two more through a cooperation with a local fashion design label in an upcycling fashion project which we started only a couple months ago.

Who runs the project?

The cooperative has now more than 700 members representing the diverse and colorful Munich citizenship ranging from refugee supporters, social workers and political activists, to artists and politicians, to lawyers and managers and corporations.

They are united by the strong belief that a better, more humane treatment of refugees will benefit us all in the long run. That we want to welcome those who are here and that isolation has no future.

Today it is more important than ever to be pragmatic, unagitated and humane in making it possible for refugees to really arrive here. The Bellevue di Monaco should provide the space for this – and also be a forum for debates in which an urban society can address future issues such as exclusion and immigration, extremism and populism.

The Board of Directors

  • Till Hofmann (cultural eventmanager, director of Lustspielhaus and Lach- &Schießgesellschaft)
  • Ute Haas (social worker, hpkj e.V.)
  • Dr. Stephan Dünnwald (board member of Bavarian
    Refugee Council)

The Supervisory Board

  • Johannes Seiser (social worker, CEO of Verein für Sozialarbeit), Chairman
  • Dr. Konstantin Wegner (lawyer for entertainment law), Deputy Chairman
  • Angela Bauer (social worker, CEO of hpkj e.V.)
  • Gile Haindl-Steiner † (board member of Bunststiftung Munich)
  • Michaela Hueber (publisher, CEO of Hueber Verlag)
  • Andreas Kohn (theater director and political scientist)
  • Matthias Lilienthal (former director of Münchner Kammerspiele)
  • Ruzbeh Sadeghi (social worker, SchlaU Schule Munich)
  • Gisela Seidler (lawyer for immigration law)
  • Monika Steinhauser (former board member of Munich Refugee Council)
  • Peter Tischler (artist and volunteer at Bellevue di Monaco)