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Veranstaltungsserie Migrationsberatung


Bellevue di Monaco - Hinterhaus Müllerstraße 2, München

Here we help with all questions about life in Germany. For example, explaining letters, German courses, debts or tips for finding a place to live. The counseling is free of […]

Veranstaltungsserie Bellevue Laufgruppe

Bellevue Laufgruppe

Bellevue di Monaco Müllerstraße 2, München

We go running together every Thursday. It doesn't matter if you already do sports or if you are starting - just come! Please bring sports clothes. Registration: +49 179 1219291 […]

Veranstaltungsserie Theaterworkshop


Bellevue di Monaco Müllerstraße 2, München

Here we make theater together. The workshop is for young people between 15-25 years. You don't have to know German and need no experience with theater. Just come. It is […]