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Veranstaltungsserie Migrationsberatung


Bellevue di Monaco - Hinterhaus Müllerstraße 2, München, BY

Die Beratung findet im Bellevue di Monaco statt. Bitte kommen Sie dafür ins Hinterhaus, Müllerstraße 2.   Here we help with all questions about life in Germany. For example, explaining […]

Veranstaltungsserie Bellevue Laufgruppe

Bellevue Laufgruppe

Bellevue di Monaco Müllerstraße 2, München, BY

We go running together every Thursday. It doesn't matter if you already do sports or if you are starting - just come! Please bring sports clothes. Registration: +49 179 1219291 […]

Veranstaltungsserie Asylberatung


Bellevue di Monaco - Hinterhaus Müllerstraße 2, München, BY

Here, lawyers help with questions about asylum and residence. Please bring all letters and documents with you. The consultation is free of charge. Dans ce service, des avocats t'aident à […]

Veranstaltungsserie Offenes Kunstatelier

Offenes Kunstatelier

Bellevue di Monaco – Kelleratelier Müllerstraße 6, Eingang über Hof, Müllerstraße 2, München, BY

In our Art Workshop you will find a creative space for yourself. We paint pictures or build sculptures. You don't have to know anything, just come. You don't have to […]