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Zero-Covid Experience and Resilience in China: Film „Luoluo’s Fear“ and Talk

Samstag, 2. März, 20:00 - 22:00

The pandemic years in China were lived under Zero Covid Policy.
With  the film “Luoluo’s Fearwe invite to remember those years, sealed in oblivion and in private. What was the living experience, apart from remote reportage? Is China an Umweg? Utopia? Dystopia?

After a soup and talk at 6pm, we are watching the film “Luoluo’s Fear”  at 8pm, followed by a discussion with the director herself (online, with English interpretation).

About the film:

Retired Luo Luo lived her pandemic years isolated with her aged father in a small city in the mountains in Sichuan. Her intense fear-anxiety of an COVID-19 invasion, reinforced by the public order and atmosphere, keeps her in the apartment. By chance she connected with an underground film collective, where she shared her father’s autobiography and because of that, for the first time in her life, related to her family history. Her largely domestic life transformed. With the collective, each quarantined in different places, she grew wings in the camera and webcam. 

‘Luoluo’s Fear is not about fear. It’s about being able to express, for the peace of mind and freedom that cannot manifest, for reaching to be heard.’ – Luo Luo

16 Uhr   meeting at the installation “The Answers, My Friend”, Billboard am Lenbachplatz
18 Uhr   soup and talk at Bellevue di Monaco, Müllerstraße 2-6, 80469 München
20 Uhr  Luoluo’s Fear (documentary, 2020, PR China, 80 min, OmeU) directed by Luo Luo
Talk with the director Luo Luo, online with English interpretation.


Samstag, 2. März
20:00 - 22:00
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